What's Your Courage Story

I was flipping through my recent journal pages and have noticed the word “COURAGE” multiple times.

Apparently, it must’ve been surfacing from my subconscious for a good reason.

Why now more than ever? Because I truly believe that I and so we, as a collective, are stepping into being our most courageous selves.

But what we often don’t realize, is that this courage has always been there, lying dormant, waiting for its turn to shine.

Do you often look back into your life and try to find the moments of courage it took for you to get where you are now? I certainly don’t. I forget about it or think that it is not so important.

Taking this time to remember brought me some deep insights.

What would I be without those moments of courage? Because truthfully, my life’s story was and still is created by these moments.

It was a little over 20 years ago when I immigrated to USA. I was already a single mom of two little girls, had no money, no college degree, not speaking English and no one to direct me.

Now, that’s a tremendous courage and responsibility I carried for my little children. But I didn’t think of it as courage back then. I know why. Because it was so naturally flowing over me, I was immersed in it that I couldn’t see it any other way but to be with it, in it as inevitable part of me. And that courageous part of me propelled me to this day.

I cannot say that I was always carried by it throughout my life. Many times (many times!) I wanted to give up, to run away, to judge myself. I was angry, frustrated, hopeless and all kinds of belittling names I could think to call myself back then.

Nevertheless, this courage never left me. In fact, it grew even stronger, without me noticing. My courage was a silent architect of my life. I have developed so many skills and discovered so many gifts about myself.

> Not having money, made me to seek things I could have never imagined seeking, go beyond my comfort zone and face my biggest fears. After all, I realized that fear isn’t as big of an obstacle as I made it to be.

I had to trust others and life. There was no other way.

> Not speaking fluent English allowed me to deepen my intuitive skills and to listen beyond words, to listen with my eyes (observing). Which developed into another skill – to hear and understand others without them even knowing how to explain themselves verbally. And believe me, I know how frustrating it could be not being able to express your feelings, thoughts and being misunderstood. I had to learn English quickly, in order to communicate with others (not to mention, to pass my tests for certifications).

This allowed me to break an old belief – I am not smart enough.

> Not having a college degree, made me to pursue different professions in order to make a living. I have developed excellent work ethics, communication skills, people skills and some professional skills.

I earned Life’s degree.

> Not having any direction as a young single mother in foreign country, made me more connected and rooted to the earth and all the elements, to recognize the divine feminine within and surrender to its nurturing as I was nurturing my little girls.

I committed to love through which my soul evolved.

And I am still climbing the ladder of courage. I don’t plan to stop climbing as long as I live. Sometimes my legs feel like rocks and I cannot take another step, but having an awareness of the silent courage within me, that’s all I need. To take a breath, pause and acknowledge – I needed to slow down so I can proceed again.

What’s your courage story? Can you recognize those courageous steps you took in life? Are you seeing what an accomplished, powerful and gifted person you are because of that?

With Love,


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