The virus of rush

Where and why are you rushing?!? Have you asked yourself? Running, going, rushing, barely breathing, running again, not remembering who you said hi to this morning, what you ate, how food tasted, how the sun felt on your face, how your body tensed getting out of bed…

I used to have many moments like this in my life. I still do sometimes, but with a deeper awareness. Awareness of my own body. Learning how to hear its voice of wisdom. The body is expressive in life, if we only stop and feel it.

All that I know is when I am in my body, not when I am not in my body.

We are rather attached to time than our bodies. As if we are separating ourselves form the body, forgetting the reason why it was given to us – to watch the sunrise, to witness another’s smile, to smell intoxicating fragrance of roses, to taste juicy watermelon, to hear birds chirp, to hug you, to love you, to open our hearts to what is and all things of unexpected.

SLOW DOWN… BE… ENGAGE all of the senses and wait for unexpected.

And don’t feel guilty about it.

So many opportunities, possibilities, connections, answers are missed when we are rushing.

There’s this deep quality in slowing down. We open ourselves to The Higher Intelligence to interact with and within us. A sense of connection, relaxation, rejuvenation can help us bring peace to our minds and the world.

I am teaching myself how to slow down again.

Love and relax,


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