Creating and embracing the AHA moments you can have by

exploring your mind and becoming your own scientist

Have you ever done self-exploration by writing?

Someone once told me to write about something small - smaller than

an acorn or a snowflake, a firefly or a bud of a cherry blossom.

Hmmm, I thought, what can I really write about a tiny little thing?

And why not?

Some profound life coaching truths come from our daily

experiences and curiosity.

Curious where my mind might take me, I sat down in front of my note

pad. Randomly, a blood cell came to mind. I focused in, imagining my

own blood cell, one unique cell of blood that runs through my veins.

What’s inside of it, that makes me look, move, be as I am? That very

cell that never stops reaching and pumping through my heart to keep

me alive. The magic of red liquid inside of me.

If I would be one of those cells, what would I see and how would I feel,

running endlessly as part of a red river of vital force. As I was writing

about it, I thought of drowning. I asked myself why as this fear of

drowning suddenly swept over me. Why am I fearing this drowning

sensation that has arisen from my focusing in on an individual blood

cell? This sudden fear seemed to be separating me from myself and

where I belong. I realized I was drowning in my thoughts. I snapped

back into reality - there’s nothing that can drown me but me.

Ok, back to imagining myself as minute little blood cell. What would I

do if I’d “saved” myself from this vast river of blood flowing straight

into the gorges of the heart, my own beautiful heart. I would be sitting

on the edge, watching the river passing me by and I would find myself

slowly drying out from a deep sadness, from a swift decision I made out

of some unreal fear I created within my own self, all the while really

being in my element, where I truly belonged, having all needs/wants

met, serving my highest purpose to be part of this life-giving blood,

carrying and feeding me into a big loving Heart. This heart, where

there’s no fear, judgement, doubt, unworthiness… but MAGNIFICENCE.

My AHA moment of being a blood cell – I AM HERE, RIGHT NOW

WHERE I BELONG. And that is – this LIFE with everything and everyone

in it. And for that, I am GRATEFUL.

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