Pain versus Change

I was about to end a phone call with someone who’s very dear to my heart, after we caught up on “how’s your day?” chat. Suddenly she burst in tears. “What is it?”, I asked, feeling a slight pressure on my chest. Her partner went into a deep depression again, after some light and joyous time they had together with hope in their hearts and home. Here we go again. Passion killed. Back to daily suffering, to what makes him hate what he does and blame others for that. He chose again to take a path of most resistance. Pain and suffering.

Is there such a thing as addiction to pain? I am not only talking about physical pain, but mental and emotional.

Logically thinking, who wants to be in pain, really? Believe it or not, in most cases, we choose that, unless it is caused by injury, illness or an accident.

The more we try to get away from that pain, the more of pain we feel. Or, I should say, we get so used to this cycle that it becomes almost as natural as walking. We forget that we aren’t meant to live our lives in suffering. We have the power to release the suffering, if we CHOOSE to be free of it.

Why do we still keep ourselves in pain? Because we have been living in pain for most of our lives and this very beast we avoid, becomes our companion. We get to know it so well, that every time it comes to meet us, we welcome it as our comforter. Because it is safer to live with what we know, what is so familiar than to make a CHANGE.

Change is a powerful thing, indeed. Change makes us lose our grip of our strong attachments, that made our personality, our identity in order to “protect” (or hide) our true Self.

We cannot escape from the unwanted unless we look at it, “for not looking is the way they are protected” (ACIM). Choosing to look at it, is our first step to taking action for change to happen.

Here’s an excerpt from a poem I wrote a while ago:

“Change is a powerful thing,

It is here for me,

As a holy and divine adventure,

As a pathway to unknown but sacred,

Beautiful and radiant world

Of my heart and soul…”

Let’s face it. It is liberating.



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