Letter to my body


I gave myself to you.

To be the soil for my soul.

I chose to commit to you, my soft, tender, complex, strong female body.

Oh dear, how many ways I also chose to hurt you. Out of fear, I contributed to your suffering. You were the closest I could get to hide my pain, to suppress my emotions, to deny my longings and desires. You were a container to hold all of my explosions.

I lost a sense of self in you by not allowing my spirit feed through you. Until I realized, - it is not about me getting my way with you. It’s about being a womb for God to glorify this precious life.

It took so long to find safety in you; to trust and to relate, which is so crucial! You hold so much within your own existence! I cannot ignore you anymore or hold any resistance.

You are my chance, a vessel, to do the work and bring more love where it’s never been before. In love you are persistent, but I didn’t see it before.

Here's my Prayer to you:

You never lied to me. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, for I was the one full of lies. Now I am bearing witness.

I AM SORRY for the things I’ve done to you, for I was not in any way present and aware of your constant whispers.

I say THANK YOU for always making me feel alive, with all my pleasures, pains and whimpers.

I LOVE YOU, there’s no other way to be, but bring this love you taught me into eternity.

You are such goodness…



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