How am I feeling...?

This one's for the women.

I am discovering new ways to open to my feminine grace and receptivity by feeling (not ignoring) my tiredness and resting within my body. As for a woman, it is so important to unplug from doing and making, and allowing ourselves just be. No guilt, no judgement, no blame. We need a break. Real break. With compassion and generosity to our neediness to rest.

Me and many aspects of myself.

How I am with myself.

How I feel with what is being alive.

And so much is alive within me.

This time of my life.

There are no steps to be took, really.

How many steps I’ve already taken to come to this moment.

I am feeling tired. Of going and going.

There are no more steps to come to realize life.

I am realizing that. By stopping.

Surprised, in delight.

I am resting in my body.

Feeling. Like never before.

Tiredness feels good. Deep. Insightful.

I am relaxed, just staying with my breath.

In recognition of my heart.

I finally listen to that what breathes within me.

Every single inch of my physicality,

In which soul is restoring me.

My sight, hearing, taste is being diluted

By higher sensory attributes.

I want to know the longing of belonging.

To God, to Soul, to Spirit.

The only way – to feel it.

My body is the only book worth reading.

The depth of simplicity and complexity.

A miracle that moves me.

But when I stop and rest in it

I become the miracle within it.

With love,


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