Fear of Being Seen

I am an introvert, I like my privacy, I have always been shy.

Every time I pick up my phone to record a video or to write a new post, or to change my status on social media, I feel challenged. That little voice inside has an auto reminder, “Are you really going to let others see you?”

Being seen is one of the biggest fears we, humans, experience.

But what it really means to be seen?

When someone looks into your eyes and sees complete acceptance, recognition, appreciation, support and pure love. Every time.

And you can just bask in this feeling for hours, because it is so good, so comfortable, so like home, so like who we truly are – relaxed within our hearts space.

I realized that I was creating busyness in my daily life to hide from being seen. Anything, whether it made sense or not, just not to be seen. But … there’s this big BUT – by not allowing myself to be seen, I am not seeing others, including my loved ones.

We are each other’s mirrors after all. If I am wearing a mask to hide my true face, I will see another through this mask, whatever mask I am wearing – good woman, tough woman, bad woman, nice and sweet woman, etc.

The reason we are wearing these masks, it is because we are all afraid of making ourselves vulnerable. We all have this protective mechanism that is really not necessary. We “protect” our biggest strength, our powerful self-expression by hiding, not sharing, playing small. Paradox. But that’s how ego does its “job”.

To bring awareness and recognize the courage of being vulnerable in oneself and other, can combat shame we built around our beautiful, magnificent selves.

It is step by step process which takes courage. But I’d rather choose to be seen than not seen at all. Because I want to see you too.

Heart’s eyes see with love, through love, in love.


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