Such early morning hours, 4:44. Birds aren’t even up.

Oh, I just heard one so slightly making a sound, “Is it time yet?”

Is it time yet?

How often I ask myself this question. Sometimes it feels that life is wrapped around time. Better yet, time wrapped itself around life. And in life we are wrapped by time. Limited. Restricted. Rushed. Stressed. As if time is a thief, always taking something away from us, including life. We believe time is taking us closer to death.

But is it really?

Maybe we are pushing ourselves closer to the end, not understanding what time is really here for? Maybe time is teaching us to know ourselves in time, to experience life rather than to think of death somewhere at the end of this time?

Time teaches us to be present and presence teaches us of eternity.

Butterflies have a short life and no concept of time. Something we can learn from them and nature, in general.

All they know is to give and receive beauty in the moment, which is timeless to them.

Timelessness … Is it possible to feel that for us, humans?

Those moments of timelessness are short-lived, just like butterflies, like moments in between breathes, which seems impossible to catch.

But they are here, when we are present. Although so tender and subtle. And when we are in it, they dissolve the time.

Now, that is the power of presence.

In life, we usually give power to things, people, money, which in truth, makes us powerless. Paradox. We give, thinking we will gain something and if we don’t, we lose. This has been a conditioning of ours for a long time.

This we apply to love as well. For most of us, falling in love means we are going to lose something, which makes love “dangerous”. Sense of loss is always accompanied by fear, and fear blocks giving and receiving.

We keep ourselves in chains and blame others for that. We think time will free and save us, not realizing that the only thing that could save us is us.

Butterflies are free to fly as we are free to walk this earth with love, in love, as love. In time and no time. Free.



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