Energy and Embodiment

Your life is meant to be exciting, empowering and full of discovery, curiosity about the world and yourself.

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Most of us lose our sense of enthusiasm and passion for life as we settle into the mundane routine of daily living. I will help you tap into a world that will liberate you from just surviving, into a space of thriving and graciously enjoying life, so that your true spirit can shine through.

"Go where love is to find yourself" Lina

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Just beneath the surface of the material world, there is a powerful, unseen life force energy and awareness that is within you. That energy flows through your physical body, nourishing your cells and organs while maintaining your overall health, vitality and wellbeing. I can help you tap into that force and bring its radiant power into your life.

"We are all plentiful and sacred within ourselves." Lina


"Lina helped me to start to rise out of this trench through understanding that self-love is the highest responsibility to ourselves. She helped me to resolve long-seated issues and to heal the body through her somatic approach." A.Z.

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