Life and Intimacy Coaching

You are here. If you choose to step into a coaching relationship with me, then you are ready to see yourself and your life important and you are here to embrace your true Self.


This is not about thinking small or making small talk. This is all about breaking you FREE from that very limiting space! My life coaching includes bridging the gap between physical and spiritual parts of us, having a deeper understanding of our worth and intuitively knowing  that it has nothing to do with deserving or seeking the approval or validation of others. The love we are looking for is right here, within us. 

I am also trained in using methodologies of somatic intelligence, learning to attune to the body's wisdom in order to embody our essentials self. I am here to hold a space to allow your body to speak about how you are living your life and what it needs to thrive. The body is your vessel for your true spirit to live through, to express itself in life. 

"We craft Love from heartbreak, Compassion from shame, Grace from disappointment, Courage from failure." Brene Brown

We live in an era of both, great danger and promise. But that’s what life is – joyful and dangerous. When we jump over the threshold of danger, we reach a new consciousness of intimacy, deeper understanding and appreciation of our role in this life.

What motivates us is the search for closeness, the urge to engage with another human being but most importantly to awaken and become more alive. This is a natural quest to find wholeness and completion and feel valued for your strength as well as compensated for your weaknesses. Be simply seen and see within.

"With Lina's coaching I started a powerful healing journey that I thought would never occur in my life. Lina's graceful guidance provided a doorway to to express my truth rather than suppressing, getting real with my sexuality, by releasing guilt and shame. I have a reborn love of self now." T.S.

"Showing other women what the divine feminine feels like from an energetic perspective is amazing work in and of itself. Until I have experienced Lina's coaching and healing, I may not ever be able to tap into that for myself." P.B.

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